About Us


G.City Business Consulting was conceptualized & birthed after hours at the drawing board as the result of a dream; a dream to offer hassle free services in the Real Estate domain. We have with this single minded purpose assembled a team of highly energetic & focused professionals to help deliver high quality services in all the areas of our clients’ realty needs.

The team assembled and led by its Founder and CEO Michael Fernandez, consists of personnel who have worked extensively in Land and Brick & Mortar Projects, Sales & Marketing, Legal Documentation, Govt. Liaisons & Registrations. In short we have harnessed expert ability coupled with the desire to provide quality services in the Realty Segment while offering the assurance of peace of mind.

‘Our uniqueness is that we understand people’

Integrity, Diligence, Prompt services are our organization’s by-line. Every task or service undertaken will be performed in the spirit of excellence with a keen eye on achieving & maintaining high quality along with absolute transparency in all our transactions.

As a team, we have employed qualified & impeccable resources in identifying benchmark projects and services that would greatly benefit you, be it a 1st home, 2nd home or simply an investment towards your future. This approach & attitude has allowed us to hone our skillset in identifying geographies of great potential, builders of excellent standing and investments that yield rich returns.

The modern Indian now more than ever before remains on the constant lookout for high return investment avenues, but remains ever hesitant on account of the murky economic climes. Our team at G.City diligently works towards the realization of any true blood investor’s dual need i.e. security & prosperity. Our due diligences ensure that we only bring to the table projects that have passed through all stringent legal checks & have been rated as high yield enterprises by our expert business analysts

We are headquartered in Bangalore, India and our services currently extend to Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.


  • Projects

    We offer expert services in Project Planning, Execution/Management in the Real Estate segment. A team of highly skilled and committed professionals make G.City Consulting a great choice if you are considering taking up a Project in the Real Estate sector. We undertake high quality end to end services right from the point of personnel planning, drawing up Project Financials and mapping out your Sales and Marketing plan.

    We are currently engaged in an ‘Agro-Realty’ project situated in Andhra Pradesh, “Royal Acres” which is currently listed under the Investments section .

  • Consulting

    Our team of experts having amassed a wealth of knowledge in various segments of industry over the years are uniquely positioned to offer cutting edge consulting services whether your are examining your options in land purchasing, avenues for a new project / investment, looking to enhance your property investment portfolio or simply looking for a second opinion on the due diligence of the vendor. We offer quick professional services while ensuring that exhaustive analysis is conducted on the proposition in question with the assured guarantee of an unbiased report listing out all the relevant Pro’s & Con’s. We thus ensure that you are fully equipped to make informed decisions.

    In addition to providing project relevant advisory inputs we also provide additional services on request in identifying Developers, Builders and Companies that offer seamless service who are reputed for timely delivery of their projects and bring them to you as value enhancing investment options.

  • Liaison

    Dealing with Brokers, Agents, Government officials, Red tape etc. can be cumbersome and often leaves one with a distasteful experience. We at G.City Business Consulting intervene on your behalf & take over all these activities and ensure due completion of all process in a timely manner. Thus allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your investment while remaining confident that your investment has been fully secured; all from the comfort of your home. You can depend on us for